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We are looking for a talented Video Creator to join our Creative team. As a Video Creator, you will be responsible for creating videos end-to-end, from pre-production to post-production alongside with the content team. You will also collaborate with Campaign, Digital, and Product teams to develop, plan and execute from concept process, video shooting to editing.

What will you do:

  • Work with Content and other relevant teams to create videos end-to-end, from pre-production to post-production.

  • Collaborate with mostly, but not limited to, Campaign, Digital, and Product teams to develop, plan and execute from concept process, video shooting to editing.

  • Ensure the content and brand guideline accuracy and consistency, clarity, and quality of the creative work and that they are delivered on time.

  • Collaborate with relevant teams to support a clear understanding of the storyline to ensure mutual understanding about the concept.

  • Set up the required steps to start the proper shooting, as well as getting the required equipment.

  • Video shooting can include indoor and/or outdoor on any required day and time.

  • Videos can have a range of different sizes from both portrait and landscape.

  • Video editing includes but is not limited to, reviewing raw material, trimming the footage, stitching them, inserting dialog, sound effects, music, graphic and special effects.

  • Videos will be used for different social media channels, out-of-home usage, and many more.

  • Provide recommendations on how to optimize the video results.

  • Continue to collaborate with relevant teams to understand the video results and keep improving the quality of video content.

What we are looking for:

  • Minimum of 2 years of experience in video editing work.

  • Proficient in video editing software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, CapCut, etc.

  • Demonstrated ability to think creatively, visualize concepts, and translate them into compelling video content.

  • Solid understanding of video production processes, including color grading, audio editing, motion graphics, and visual effects.

  • Attention to detail to minimize editing processes due to repeated errors.

  • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, prioritize tasks effectively, and meet tight deadlines.

  • Strong interpersonal skills to collaborate with cross-functional teams, take feedback constructively, and contribute to a positive team environment.

  • Having a basic understanding of finance concepts, investment strategies, and personal finance management will be advantageous.

  • Strong creative thinking to solve business challenges with a good understanding of visual design and deliver the concept to enhance Marketing materials.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Growth mindset and out-of-the-box idea