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Content & Research Lead




We are seeking a Content & Research Lead to join our dynamic team. As a Content & Research Lead, you will be responsible to spearhead our educational content and research initiatives, driving our commitment to excellence and knowledge dissemination in the crypto space. You will also lead and manage our research team while working closely with cross-functional teams, including marketing, product, and technology.

What will you do:

  • Develop and execute a comprehensive strategy for all educational content, including research programs, courses, and publications. Define clear objectives, timelines, and success metrics for each initiative.

  • Lead the conceptualization and creation of research programs, courses, and educational materials related to cryptocurrency and blockchain. Collaborate with subject matter experts and instructional designers to ensure content relevance and effectiveness.

  • Develop go-to-market strategies for educational programs, including marketing plans, target audience analysis, and distribution channels. Ensure that programs reach the intended audience and meet their educational needs.

  • Take ownership of end-to-end processes for educational programs, from content ideation to delivery. Coordinate with cross-functional teams to ensure seamless execution and delivery of high-quality content.

  • Continuously monitor and analyze the performance of educational programs and content. Utilize data and feedback to make data-driven decisions, refine strategies, and optimize content delivery for maximum impact.

  • Review and assess content created by the Research team to ensure accuracy, relevance, and high quality. Provide constructive feedback and guidance to maintain consistent standards.

  • Manage a team of crypto researchers. Foster a collaborative and innovative work environment, and empower team members to excel in their roles.

  • Stay current with industry trends, emerging technologies, and regulatory developments in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Use market insights to inform content strategy and program development.

What we are looking for:

  • A bachelor's degree in a related field such as Finance, Economics, Computer Science, or equivalent work experience. A master's degree or relevant certifications is a plus.

  • In-depth knowledge of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, including a strong understanding of blockchain technology, various cryptocurrencies, and the broader financial ecosystem.

  • Proven experience in developing content strategies and educational programs, preferably within the cryptocurrency or fintech sector.

  • Strong project management skills with the ability to plan, execute, and oversee complex educational initiatives from start to finish.

  • Proficiency in data analysis and the ability to translate data insights into actionable improvements for educational programs.

  • A commitment to maintaining high-quality standards in all educational content and materials.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to explain complex crypto concepts in a clear and understandable manner.

  • Collaborative and able to work effectively with cross-functional teams.

  • A proactive and adaptable mindset to thrive in a fast-paced and evolving crypto industry.

  • Attention to detail, fast and constant learner.