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How long does it take to process Rupiah withdrawal at Reku?

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How long does it take to process Rupiah withdrawal at Reku?

Withdrawal of Rupiah in Reku will be processed every day for 24 full hours (including Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays). However, because Reku and Reku members still use third parties to transfer or receive Rupiah funds (in this case using banking services and payment gateways), the funds that will enter the member’s bank account or e-wallet are greatly influenced by the processing time banks, switching networks and payment gateways.

When a withdrawal request is made by an Reku member, we will immediately process the member’s funds transfer. These funds may take time to be processed by various parties ranging from payment gateways, switching networks, sending banks and receiving banks. The time it takes for funds to arrive in a bank account or e-wallet will also be affected by the bank’s online (operational) hours as some banks have offline hours at night or during weekends.

The following is the estimated time required for funds that have been sent by Reku to arrive in a bank account or e-wallet based on the nominal transfer and delivery time.

Destination Bank IDR Amount Application Time (WIB) *Estimated incoming funds
 BCA  >50.000.000  08:15 – 20:45  5 Minutes – 30 Minutes
 BCA  >50.000.000  20:45 – 08:00 After 08.00 am
 BCA  ≤50.000.000  05:05 – 20:45 5 Minutes – 30 Minutes
 BCA  ≤50.000.000  20:45 – 01:20  After 08.00 am
Other Bank  All  01:20 – 20:45  5 Minutes – 30 Minutes
Other Bank  All  20:45 – 01:20  After 01.20 am

*Estimated time of incoming funds is an estimate. Your funds can enter faster or longer depending on the switching bank network and the status of the beneficiary bank.

For sending funds to an e-wallet, there are several additional things that need to be considered. The first is the nominal limit for the maximum balance that can be stored in the e-wallet and the second is the maximum limit for the e-wallet deposit in 1 month. If the transfer of funds makes the user’s balance exceed the maximum specified balance or exceed the maximum limit of the e-wallet deposit within 1 month, the transfer of funds will be automatically rejected by the e-wallet.

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