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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Reku?
  • I have verified account (KYC), but why was it rejected?
  • How do I increase the security of my account?
  • I’ve made a transfer to deposit rupiah, but the funds haven’t entered in my Reku IDR wallet?
  • How to find out my coin wallet address for deposit? And how long does it take to get into my wallet?
  • I have buy/sell crypto asset and the status is successful, but why hasn’t the balance been entered into the wallet?
  • How to get the profit from buy/sell crypto asset?
  • How long does it take to process Rupiah withdrawal at Reku?
  • Why can’t I switch to the other trading mode for this coin?
  • How do I deposit money into Reku to start investing/trading?
  • What is Lightning Mode?
  • What is Trading Modes?
  • What is Reku Campus?
  • What is Staking?
  • How do I participate in Rekuiz?
  • How to find Missions in Reku?
  • What is “Reku Users are…” that I see in the coin page?
  • How to Understand Portfolio Page
  • What are the transaction fees, minimum and maximum limits for Deposit/Withdrawal rupiah and digital assets (coins and tokens)?

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