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Tentang BBX Coin
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Tentang BBX Coin
July 02, 2018

BBXCoin is the latest crypto token introduced to Indonesian market which is being created under Ethereum platform and it follows the ERC20 token standards in its implementation.

BBX (Bit Block Xchange) Coin will be widely used in the near future since it can be exchanged to number of loyalty point schemas such as Sky Mileage, Credit Card Points, other rewarding systems, etc. Registration process is very easy with BBX Coin official website and it will give you access to exchange your loyalty points with the BBX Coins and you will always have your secured wallet and can transfer coins within another BBX Coin wallets at any time.

BBX Coin Initial Supply: 19,999,999

BBX Coin has 3 main advantages. For the first factor is Profitable due to its limited supply (19,999,999) and many applicability such as warooq and BBX Koperasi and soon number of loyalty point schemas to be added.

Secured (holders will have digital and non-digital investment in the form of gold that can provide assurance that the value of BBX Coin is unlikely to be dropped and the investment value of BBX Coin will be risen).

Then Trustworthy (a founder who already has much experience in finance and IT, proves the founder of BBX Coin doing business with confidence accompanied by integrity).

For more info please click here.


**Physical BBX Coin is Limited. (23,000 FINE GOLD BBXCoin/Universe)

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